CIB NL LUX DE SE Ch. Lundecock’s What A Surprise BSg’19’21


Nederlands Kampioen
Luxemburgs Kampioen
Duits Kampioen
Zweeds Kampioen
Internationaal Kampioen
Bundes Siegerin 2019 & 2021
Best in Show op Championnat des 3 Frontières, Luxemburg
Best In Group op Eurodogshow Kortrijk
Best In Group op Martini Dogshow

“19 months, all in all a beautiful Sheltie. Gorgeous head, with all the breed specific details in place. Beautiful silhouette, excellent body & angulation. Excellent coat and colour. Moves true to the breed. Excellent temperament” Christine Sonberg (NO), 28 september 2019

“Excellent type and size, excellent proportions in body, excellent top line, correct chest, excellent angulations, excellent coat condition, nice head, moved very well.” Christian Karcher (FR), 27 september 2020

D.O.B. 02-02-2018

19xCAC & 14xCACIB

CEA clear

CIB SE FI NL Ch. Lundecock’s Noll Koll Kokosboll Nord JV-11 SE VV-18 SE V-19 SE VV-19 SE Ch. Evad Dream Stone of Lochkaren Willowtarn Tokai GB Ch. Evad Sommer Shadow
GB Ch. Willowtarn Takes Th’Biscuit
Evad Sommer Dreams GB Ch. Evad Sommer Shadow
Evad Cream Of A Dream
SE Ch. Frostice Koffebean  SE Ch. Edglonian Strolling Nomad of Lochkaren Milesend Stroller
Edglonian Rather A Dark Glow
Frostice Spacegirl Ch. Lundecock’s Watermark
SE Ch. Frostice Orchid Promise 
CIB SE DK FI LT Ch. Lythwood Summer Surprise DK V-16 SE V-16 Helsinki V-17 GB Ch. Lythwood Sasha GB Ch. Lythwood Shalako GB Ch. Lythwood Steptoe
GB Ch. Lythwood Stage Wispa At Tegwel
Lythwood Scarlett Ribbon Moonlight Black Magic
Lythwood Spritzer At Terriwood
Terriwood Saskia of Lythwood CIB NORD SE FI EE Ch. Sheldon Space Joker Baltic W’06 NO Ch. Kindergate The Joker NO V-02 NO V-96 NO V-98
SE Ch. Conspirol Space Flower
Lythwood Suger Snap At Terriwood Moonlight Black Magic
Lythwood Spritzer At Terriwood

These are our dogs!
Dandlewood Kiss ‘N Tell at Lianbray
Lundecock’s Shape Of Art NJK
Dandlewood Keep Watching Me CIB-J NJK JWW’23 W’23
DE Ch. Dandlewood Knock Knock CIB-J NJK SE JV-22 EJW-23 EJS-23
CIB FI LUX NL NO PL SE Ch. WW’24 CW’24 Lundecock’s Final Salute
Dandlewood Hold My Beer
CIB DK FI NL SE Ch. Lundecock’s Read It All
CIB LUX NL SE Ch. JWW’20 RSCE JW’20 NJK Dandlewood Just Stylish
CIB BE DK HU LT LUX NL SE Ch. Lundecock’s Russian Dream GW’21 BSg’21 KBHV21 EUW-21 W’22

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