CIB FI LUX NL NO PL SE Ch. WW’24 CW’24 Lundecock’s Final Salute


Topwinning dog FCI group 1 in Sweden 2022

Nederlands Kanpioen
Luxemburgs Kampioen
Fins Kampioen
Noors Kampioen
Pools Kampioen
Zweeds Kampioen
Internationaal Kampioen
Holland Cup Winner 2024
World Winner 2024
Clubwinnaar 2024
Best In Show op Int. Dogshow Gimo, Zweden
Best In Show op Int. Dogshow Maastricht, Nederland
Best Veteran at Crufts 2024

D.O.B. 05-09-2016

CEA clear


CIB DK FI LV SE Ch. Lythwood Secretariat CIB SE NO Ch. Lythwood Sundealer GB Ch. Lythwood Scooby Doo GB Ch. Lythwood Sacha
Lythwood Stylist
Lythwood She’s Maria GB Ch. Milesend Night Force
Lythwood Swing Time
Terriwood Saskia of Lythwood CIB NORD SE FI EE Ch. Sheldon Space Joker NO Ch. Kindergate The Joker NO V-96’98’02
SE Ch. Conspirol Space Flower
Lythwood Sugar Snap at Terriwood Moonlight Black Magic
Lythwood Spritzer at Terriwood
SE Ch. Lundecock’s Hot Legs NORD SE FI DK Ch. Tachnamadra The Designer CIB NORD GB SE DK NO Ch Japaro By Design Degallo The Legend JW
GB Ch. Japaro Song ‘N’ Dance
Tachnamadra Time Will Tell Shelridge Socrates
Tachnamadra Timeless
SE Ch. Frostice Koffebean SE Ch. Edglonian Strolling Nomad of Lochkaren Milesend Stroller
Edglonian Rather A Dark Glow
Frostice Spacegirl DE Ch. Lundecock’s Watermark
SE Ch. Frostice Orchid Promise

These are our dogs!
NO Jr.Ch. NO JV-24 Dandlewood Love Letter
Dandlewood Kiss ‘N Tell at Lianbray
Lundecock’s Shape Of Art NJK
DK NL Ch. Dandlewood Keep Watching Me CIB-J NJK JWW’23 W’23
DE NL Ch. Dandlewood Knock Knock CIB-J NJK SE JV-22 EJW-23 EJS-23
CIB FI LUX NL NO PL SE Ch. WW’24 CW’24 Lundecock’s Final Salute
Dandlewood Hold My Beer
CIB DK FI NL SE Ch. Lundecock’s Read It All
CIB LUX NL SE Ch. JWW’20 RSCE JW’20 NJK Dandlewood Just Stylish

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